Friday, March 6

Rowell Family

Wednesday, March 4

The Twins are Two

Tuesday, March 3


Well taking pictures of triplets, inside with not the best lighting no less, is no easy thing. I was able to get a handful of shots with all three of them in the picture (one of them was able to crawl), all three with their dresses down, bows still on their heads, and no crying, so I'm happy!
The outer two girls are identical and the middle fraternal.

Monday, March 2


Monday, February 16

Disney Baby Blog

Well, I didn't know until a couple weeks ago that Disney Baby has a blog, but they do, and a simple Valentine's Day card I made was on it a few days ago. Now if only I could get them to pay me to design . . .

Wednesday, February 11

Stella and Her Cheeks

The Julep Blog

One of my favorite designs that I've made for was featured on the Julep blog today. You can purchase it or see the other two color options HERE. I love this notebook, and I was lucky enough to win first place with this design.

Friday, January 30

All About Me

Well this isn't all about me actually, but you can have your own All About Me sheet to fill out yourself or for your friends and family. I've had an ongoing goal to write down accomplishments and milestones on each of my kids' birthdays, but honstly that rarely happens. So now at the beginning of each year I'll be filling out one of these for each of my kids. I think once a year is more practical for me!
I have kids ranging in ages from 10 to almost 2 and I tried to make most of the questions apply to all those ages, which essentially can apply to anyone.

Click HERE to download the file!

Wednesday, November 19

Free Thanksgiving Printables

These first two downloads I created last year, and here they are again. Download this first one HERE.

Download this coloring page HERE.

And this one is new with a beautiful quote. Download it HERE.

Have a fantastical Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 18

Baby Adelaide

Dix Family

I recently took pictures for my friend Debi (who also happens to cut my hair that random strangers compliment me on all the time) and her husband's family.